Market your jobs effectively with Email

If you’ve been with CATS long, you’ll remember July of last year when we first introduced the ability to blast your candidate pool with targeted job offers. Our search, filtering and lists made it a breeze to send those jobs to the right candidates and effectively market your jobs through email. Today, we launched a number of improvements to this process which we hope will make it an even easier and more effective tool.

One of the biggest improvements that we launched today (and that’s so far had the biggest response) is the new SPAM checker tool. Traditionally, when you’re composing an email message, it’s hard to tell whether that message is going to end up in your candidate’s SPAM folder or in their inbox until after you’ve sent it and reached out to them by phone. When you’re marketing a job to dozens of potential job seekers, wouldn’t it be nice to know this before you send the message?

When composing a new message, simply click on “Check Spam Level” (see above) and we’ll send your message through a popular mail system and notify you of the messages’ SPAM level. If you’re message has a high score, a little tweaking might mean the difference between your candidate receiving the job offer and it ending up in their junk folder.

The second major improvement we’ve added is the ability to add lists or single records directly from the mail page. In addition, the pressing of “Start Over” is no longer necessary after every message. When you first visit or refresh the mail page, you’ll always start out with a new message window. We’ve even added some other helpful items you might want to add to your message, such as resumes, job orders and website applications.

Another two improvements have been long requested by our users and we’re happy to announce their availability. The first is the ability to add multiple attachments to a message. The second, is the introduction of Email Templates. When writing a message, click “Save Template” to save your message as a template for future outgoing emails. To load a template, click “Load Template”. A template will save your subject, body, and attachments for future use.

The features and improvements listed above are all available as of today.

Since releasing the the email tool last July, we’ve never put any restrictions on the number of recipients that you can send emails to. Due to its overwhelming popularity, and because of another feature that we’ll soon be offering (more details below), we’ve had to put some limitations on the number of messages that you can send each month. We’ve tried to pick a number that far exceeds average usage, currently 10,000 messages per month, per user. For power users, we’re offering an easy way to purchase additional messages, for more information see the Send Email page from within CATS.

We’ve also introduced new hardware and we’ve optimized this tool considerably. If you’ve had speed problems in the past sending numerous messages, those days are over. We’re proud to announce that our improvements should create response times of just a few seconds even when sending messages to thousands of recipients.

Another feature that we’ll soon release (and that I hinted to earlier) is the tracking of replies. Currently, when you send an email to a candidate or contact and that person replies, the message is delivered to Outlook or to your personal inbox. In order to log that reply, you’d have to find the person in CATS and add an activity log. With the Track Repliesfeature, that reply will automatically be logged in CATS with the appropriate record. Best yet, this feature is seamless, meaning that you’ll still get the original reply delivered straight to your inbox.

Lastly, right around the time we release Track Replies we’ll be introducing our undeliverable detection. If you send mail to a recipient and that message cannot be delivered, the invalidity of the email will noted in the candidate or contact record and you’ll be notified so that you know to contact that person and request a new email address. Additionally, future messages won’t be sent to that address until it’s been marked corrected.

So, we hope that these improvements and new features have sparked your interest and will be of value to you. If you’ve been a CATS user very long, you’ve probably come to realize that we move pretty quick in introducing new tools and in adding value to our product. If there’s a feature you’d like to see, let us know: make a post on our feedback forum.