CATS Now in Europe: Press Release

CATS Software, Inc. (, a leading developer of Web 2.0 HR and recruiting software solutions, is pleased to announce their debut into the European market with the official launch of a Netherlands-based CATS Applicant Tracking System ( This marks another effort toward expanding the CATS brand for the global market.

The company’s Netherlands presence is a joint venture between CATS and Robuust Groep BV, Amsterdam-based experts on human resources and consulting. This represents the first cooperative effort between CATS and an organization outside the United States.  After months of work, the result is the availability of the CATS software completely in the Dutch language, as well as an all-Dutch version of the CATS website.  Both the site and the software include support for the Euro currency as well as local support from a team in Amsterdam — a distinct advantage for European clients.

Asim Baig, president of CATS Software, Inc., is excited about the new development.  “We’ve been working with the Robuust Groep for a few months to pilot the Dutch version of our product and website, and we’ve already had the soft launch early this spring. I’m very proud of our team and the job they’ve done in putting all of this together.”

Robuust Groep BV is equally as enthusiastic.  President Jos Bodewes said that the market for HR solutions in the Netherlands is dynamic, and demand is high.  “We frequently have to depend on English solutions coming from the U.K. or the U.S., which can be quite expensive.  The idea of a local alternative in the Dutch language with a local support team should energize the market quite a bit.”

Additionally, Baig stated “One-quarter of our customers are non-US, with a sizeable number based in Europe. We’ve had great demand for European versions of CATS in order to provide enhanced language, localization, and native customer support. This development will pave the way for the availability of CATS in another two dozen countries such as France, Italy, and the UK, to name a few.”

About CATS Software, Inc.: CATS Software, Inc. is the developer of CATS, the world’s leading Applicant Tracking System. Founded in 2004, CATS Software, Inc. is committed to providing innovative HR software solutions that are inexpensive and easy to use. CATS Software, Inc. is headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, US.

About Robuust Groep BV: Robuust Groep BV provides candidate recruitment and assessment solutions for the Netherlands. They define themselves by their core values of professionalism, business sense, and a strong focus on results.