Information Please...

I was sitting around with some of my friends last night talking about basketball (there’s this little tournament going on right now you might have heard about). We started throwing out questions like “Who holds the record for this” or “What year did that happen”? Of course, if we didn’t know the answer off hand, we’d jump on Google and try to find it. If the answer wasn’t easily accessible, we’d get frustrated. “How can we not find this information???”.

I had to take a step back: It was only a few years ago that getting even a scorefor a game from the previous night, we’d have to wait to check the next morning’s newspaper. Now, you can access live video of hundreds of games — live — on your phone. How did we even survive a couple of decades ago? (yes, that was sarcasm)

The supposed trade-off is this: We’ve grown accustomed to instant information at the expense of patience. That our information age has taken away from the rest and relaxation people in the corporate world might normally have had.

I disagree.

What’s so wrong with wanting instant information? It saves time. It increases productivity. It’s what puts CATS in business (take our instant resume parsing or customizable candidate sorting…)

If used wisely: it can actually help add more leisure time. I don’t think our “hustle and bustle” society is a product of our technological advances. Rather, I think it’s a product of a change in attitude towards work and leisure.

What do you think?

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