Know Your Audience, Now Talk to Them

Any recruiter or HR professional who has been in the industry for the past 10+ years has seen an integral shift in the way business is done. The stack of resumes on the desk has been replaced with online applications and email resumes. Even the spreadsheet, which once was the definitive data organizer, has now been made into a supplementary document. Applicant Tracking Systems like CATS are excellent tools that make quick work of the entire hiring process, but in order to keep a steady flow of qualified candidates coming in to your system you need to stay present and involved with your audience.

Sites like TwitterFacebookLinkedIn and a company blog will help your organization remain credible in the ever growing social networking dynamic by keeping you in touch with your audience. Whether you are trying to attract new business or a fresh perspective, stay noticed. When blogging, updating your status or tweeting, write for the audience you wish to attract. Keep it simple but keep it moving. It is not so much about the amount of content that you post, but that you keep the conversation open with your audience. Don’t let them make assumptions about your organization, let them know what’s happening. Don’t just sit on the sidelines and look at what your audience is saying, seek them out and get involved in the conversation.

By opening the lines of communication through blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc., company’s are reporting significant increases in the amount of positive feedback they are receiving from customers and clients. Similarly, not providing an outlet for open communication builds walls and stymies interaction and thus understanding. When your customers feel they are being listened to they begin to trust your organization. And when people trust your organization they tell other people. The digital networking tools out there are more powerful and faster working than anything before. Your message can reach thousands of people in moments, and it grows exponentially.

You do not need to have profound posts and updates about how amazing your company is or why you are the best. In fact, boasting and pitching will only deter people. First, find out what people are saying about your organization, then respond to that. Communicate in the same language as your audience so you stay on the same level. This is exactly what these social networking sites are all about, making real human connections without ever having to meet. Give your organization a voice that your audience will recognize and relate with.

So how does this apply to my CATS database?

First off, CATS allows you to post your jobs to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This is an excellent way to drive more traffic to your website and draw attention to your organization. Job board websites that have Twitter may re-tweet your job postings (I have seen it), Facebook fans will see your post and pass it on to their connections. Again, it is all about the chain of communicating information. It keeps your organization right in front of the people you need to reach, and they will move it forward – digital dominoes.

Everyone that sees these posts and takes interest will come back to your website to learn more about your organization. Here they can subscribe to your blog, see your other job opportunities and learn more about the products and services you offer. Which is why it is also very important to have a seamless appearance on your website.

Do not let a candidate get all the way through your site just to see that your career portal does not match. Your website has a very important job to do – make sure that interested parties stay interested. Brand integrity is of the utmost importance online and potential candidates and clients will back off immediately if your website does not have a consistent and professional look. Skepticism is high online and for good reason. Don’t give your audience a chance to question the legitimacy of your organization. This is a service CATS provides but we can also offer instructions on how to brand your career portal yourself.

In summary:

  • Keeping the lines of communication open through blogs and social networking sites will only strengthen your company image. You will be able to connect with more people, faster, which will only help to grow your business.
  • Write and post about things that your audience is talking about. Keep the conversation relevant and then take charge of the direction it goes, but don’t try to implant topics, that is not listening and people will stop paying attention.
  • Keep your brand and your image strong. Let there be no question in a visitors mind if your organization is the read deal.