The CATS Team: Making Sweet Music

I have been playing a multitude of instruments since the 4th grade. Now, while I have always had fun writing and playing alone, the real joy comes when I get to hear my part in context and harmony with the rest of the band. When I sit down and write a new bass line or mandolin solo I think, “I can’t wait to hear how this sounds with the rest of the band”. Suddenly, this little riff, empty and alone, finds its life and purpose within the group. It is complemented by the guitar and drums and vocals and becomes something completely different. It is no longer just a bass line, but an integral part of something greater, far greater than it could have been if left alone. Each piece is as important as the rest, for without any one instrument, the overall sound deteriorates.

We all have our part to play in our daily work and personal lives. Having the opportunity to be a part of a great team has helped me see my own value so much more clearly. This is one of the best parts of working at CATS Software, Inc.

On the drums

Keeping the beat steady and providing the foundation for our team are our Developers. They are the backbone, the constant, steady rhythm that holds everything up. Their moves are mathematically calculated and precise, always on time, never missing a cue. Brian and Aaron’s depth of knowledge and consistent coding allows the rest of us to play our melodies freely, without losing count or worrying about a train wreck.

Walkin’ the bass

Our User Interface Designer, Sae, puts the soul into our website and software appearance. She gives our brand style, shape and character. She also adds the funk to our customers branded career portals. With a meticulous eye for detail and an ear for our customers needs, she lays down buttery smooth lines on everything she touches.

The rhythm section

Carrying the melody and giving real shape to our sound is our Technical Support Team. They fill in the blanks for our customers by possessing a vast understanding of how it all comes together. Matt and Liz are never caught off guard. Whatever question a customer has they can pick up and play on the spot. Always in key and on time.

Lead guitar

The front man. That would be our Lead Sales Rep., Louie. Sure, he’s got some face melting solos but it’s not all for show. Louie spends most of his time playing by ear; listening and getting to know each of his customers to learn how our solution can best be implemented at their organization. He also books all of our gigs by getting us set up as sponsors at conferences and expos.

And who brings all these individuals together?

The Manager

Just like with a band, the manager has the ability to make or break the whole operation. Fortunately for us, our manager has the keen ability to recognize each of our strengths and give us opportunities to better ourselves. Let’s just say I have had all kinds of great ideas at previous jobs, but the managers wanted absolute control over everything. Since coming to CATS I have been given more freedom than ever and am producing greater results than ever. This is because my manager has trust and confidence in my abilities to work without direct supervision, make good choices and step up and take leadership opportunities when they present themselves.

I feel so fortunate to be able to collaborate with this group of talented and dedicated professionals. We all have our specialties, but we all collaborate and provide support and feedback to each other through clear communication. That is what the best bands will always have in common, great communication. They learn by watching each other and listening to each other and always work together to be the best group they can be.


How can we apply this analogy to our recruiting and hiring efforts? It takes an insightful and considerate person to be able to recognize not only someone’s talents, but where the best place for them will be. How much time do you spend getting to know your candidates? How much time to do you spend getting to know the company that you are hiring for so you can find the ideal candidate?

Who are the members of your band? Are you more like a symphony than a rock band? Maybe you’re an outsourcer and hire studio musicians on contract. Leave us your comments on how you build teams and who the individuals are in your own band!