All About Advanced Decisions

This week marked the beginning of our all new “CATS Customer of the Week” promotion. Judi Otton and the team from Advanced Decisions were the first up, so I gave her a call earlier this week to learn a little more about what distinguishes Advanced Decisions and what she likes best about working there.

To provide a little background, Advanced Decisions is a software and hardware development company that has been producing products for the public and private sectors since 1970. “Develop Wisely” is the foundation of their approach when working with clients. “Wisdom, which is based on experience, plays an enormous role in productivity and decision-making”, and with over 40 years in their industry, I’d say that mindset has served them well. Here are just a few of the big names they have earned the chance to work with:

  • Dictaphone
  • Honeywell
  • UPS
  • Pitney Bowes
  • Canberra
  • NASA!

Judi shared with me that one of the things she likes most about working at Advanced Decisions is the family-like relationship they share. There is a strong history between everyone there and though some have left, the best always seem to find their way back. It goes to show that when the skills and the culture are a match at an organization it just works out better for everyone.

Right now, Judi’s biggest challenge is finding the best-of-the-best in programming and engineering. There was a nice exchange between Judi and other CATS users in our LinkedIn group on finding the best way to refresh your candidate database and reach out to the pool of talent that is at your fingertips.

Come join the conversation and add your comments below if you have any tips or questions for the Advanced Decisions team.

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