Service Is The Bottom Line At FJ Bruckner & Co.

CATS Customer Appreciation continues this week with Peg and the team at FJ Bruckner & Co. Frank, Peg and the rest of the team provide C Level Executive Search Services exclusively to individuals and companies of the Construction Industry, and have successfully done so for more than 30 years.

Peg attributes their success to a thorough and incorruptible dedication to their clients and candidates. Taking the time to really learn their clients needs as well as their candidates skills to get the best placement possible is at the center of their business approach. This model is what has made Frank Bruckner such an icon in the retained search industry throughout his 40 year career.

Giving great service and upholding a high bar of ethics is essential in this line of work. “We are dealing with people’s livelihood” Peg shared, and it is that humble and sobering insight that brings such tremendous rewards and successes. In the retained search industry the only way you can succeed is by taking the time to truly understand what your client needs and to know your candidates strengths and character to find lasting and successful placements.

Finding the right people who can uphold these ethics of service can be challenging as well. During Frank’s career he has successfully filled more than 1000 management and executive searches, including more than 200 C Level searches and has taken the time to establish a team of individuals that hold up the same ethical integrity and dedication to their clients and candidates. They keep a small tight crew at the office and work pretty flexible hours because when it comes to service oriented business, you work when your clients work. And it is this dedication that cements great relationships and builds recognition for having integrity, diligence and commitment to customer needs.

It is a pretty straight forward and sensible approach: take care of your clients, listen to them, get to know your candidates and you will continue to thrive. I don’t see a way to be successful as a retained search provider any other way and take my hat off to Frank, Peg and the rest of the team at FJ Bruckner & Co.

What is your organizations approach to customer and client service? How do you establish relationships with them?

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