4 Things Candidates Want from Your Website

From your homepage, how many clicks does it take to get to your job listings? Is your brand and image consistent throughout? Do your job descriptions only tell candidates what is required for them to be considered? Is it easy for passive candidates to register and receive updates on future openings? These are some of the things that candidates are looking for when they are out searching for jobs.

The 3 Click Rule.

When a candidate gets to your website they want a clear path straight to your job listings. If it takes more than 3 clicks to get to the Apply Now button, chances are it won’t get clicked. A candidate is not going to spend time reading the About Us page until they are getting ready for the actual interview. If someone has to drill down too far to get to the application they will leave before they get there. Over 89% of visitors to your site want to get straight to the job profiles, and less than 7% are there to read about company content.

Consistent Brand and Image.

If you were a candidate interested in a career with the Conservation Corps, and after 3 clicks got to their job listing, what would be your impression if it suddenly looked like the image on the left? Which page would give you the confidence that the organization really wants you to apply? Company’s that have branded their career portal to match their website receive up to 8 times as many applicants than non-branded career portals. This comes in to play in a major way when you consider that 92% of potential candidates that visit your site do not apply. Whether you have 20 or 200 applications coming in through your portal, that only represents 8% of your traffic!

Job Descriptions versus Job Profiles.

Of course it is important to inform your applicants of the requirements for the position they are applying to, but do your job listings tell about all the great experiences, benefits and opportunities an employee would have at your organization? A great way to ensure more visitors complete your applications is to show what’s in it for them. Instead of posting a job description that is the same on your competitors’ pages, reach out and grab applicants by telling them why they should want to work with you. The average time spent reading a job description is 32 seconds, make it count.

Clear Call to Action and Easy to Register.

Every job posting you create in CATS has a unique URL. That means that you can create links on every page of your website that will take candidates to applications or your general registration. On the About Us page, you could have something like “Join Our Team”. On the Contact Us page you could add information on how to get a hold of your HR/recruiting department and a link to register for job updates. There should always be the option to register for job updates to help capture passive candidates and you can do that by embedding the registration link on every page. Candidates will be coming in to your site through a variety of sources that probably have different landing pages. Make sure you greet them with what they need, where ever they come from.

What other ways does your website help capture passive candidates?

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