Productivity and Tips Collection

Over the past few weeks, we have posted articles about different tricks, tips and programs to help boost productivity in the workplace. Below, are just a few that we felt should be re-mentioned.

How To: Effective Boolean Searching

One of our most helpful posts, I’d say. Knowing how you can perform your own boolean searches will help you not only in the CATS applicant tracking system, but also in other programs or websites that allow searching.

Review: Trello – Project Management Tool

There are many project management apps and tools available but the recently popular Trello, brings an entirely new ease of use. Its uses are quite vast.

Productivity: Outlook Attachment Sniffer

For those of you that have a lot of resume documents scattered throughout your Outlook. The application will gather the resumes and place them in a folder for you and you can then import these resumes into CATS.

Productivity: Type Less, Get More Done

A quick and simple, Mac-based, text replacement tool. You can define your own abbreviated words/phrases and this program will expand them into the full phrase or word that you defined.&nbsp