Top Seven Posts From 2011

2011 has been filled with all kinds of fun CATS announcements from sponsoring on Indeed to a complete overhaul of the system, expected in Q1 of 2012. There have been many advancements in the HR and recruiting industries this year and we’re staying at the head of the pack. We wanted to take a quick break from our hard work and reflect on the top seven posts, ranked by page views, from the past year.

7. A Comparison in Mac Functionality

A competitor of CATS that runs on Internet Explorer in Windows only, released a video touting that their application could now be used on Mac. Their setup is pricey and convoluted. We decided to show what it really means to run on the Mac — CATS runs on any modern browser in any modern operating system.

6. Update: Sponsored Jobs on

Earlier this year we added the ability to sponsor your jobs on Sponsoring your job puts it at the top of the search results and yields far higher clicks and applicants to your job.

5. How To: Effective Boolean Searching

Boolean searching is a great bit of knowledge to have. Not only does the CATS system allow boolean searches but so do many other online and offline applications. If you aren’t comfortable with boolean searches to get better results, this post is a must see.

4. Review: Trello – Project Management Tool

There are so many tools out there, free and paid, to help us manage our projects and lists. The recently added Trello application allows for a very simple experience from managing software projects to personal to do lists and so much more. Did we mention it’s free?

3. Project Milo and Twitter Bootstrap

Software development is a time consuming process and it needs to be done right. Why re-invent the wheel when the work has already been done for you? When CATS decided to overhaul our ATS, we decided to start out using the Bootstrap framework developed by Twitter to get things moving even quicker.

2. >4 Awesome Facebook Apps For Recruiters and Employers

Not only are job boards important to your candidate search but now social media is an avenue you can’t ignore. This post covers four great apps that you can use in your hiring process.

1. CATS Metric: Top Job Boards & Aggregators

We had our lead developer, Brian, run a few queries on the CATS database to gather some data for this post. We wanted to see where the top sources our customers get their candidates from as well as which source yielded the most qualified/hired candidates.