CATS Welcomes New Team Member, Ben Tyler

Last week the CATS team welcomed developer Ben Tyler on board. We’re excited because more developers means more great features in CATS. We have a lot planned in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned to our blog or sign up for our monthly newsletter!

Ben has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations and Russian Language. If you’re like me, your first question is: what got you interested in computer science? Six years ago Ben started making simple modifications to computer games, and soon found himself part of an open source game development project, programming in Lua and a C derivative. This, paired with some classes in college on natural language processing and evolutionary computing molded his desire to program.

His favorite hobby is long distance hiking and the weirdest thing he’s eaten is beef brain. If Ben could be any animal, he would choose a moose. When I asked him why, he replied, “Why? Because moose. Also they’re semi-plentiful in the part of New Hampshire where I’m from, and it’s always cool when you hear one stomping around the woods in the snow.”

We have no doubt that Ben adds value to our team and product, and we’re excited to have him on board.