Awesome Submit to Client Functionality Replaces Old Method

Out with the old and in with the new: today we launched a new “Submit to Client” trigger, which will replace the existing “Submit for Review” process.

Submitting candidates to your client for review is a vital part of recruiting, and the new trigger both makes it easier and gives you more control.

How It Works

The process starts with an email to your client, which includes your “elevator pitch” and a link to a special web page. From this page the client can review the resume, leave notes, and approve or decline the candidate.

To get started, add the trigger to a status in your workflow (instructions are below). (Learn more about customizing workflow.)

Then from the Log an Activity / Change Status screen, you can choose to submit the candidate for review. The new trigger allows you specify one or more contacts, to pick which resume is included, and to fully customize the email that is sent. (No additional licenses are required for contacts.)

A client review is displayed on the candidate profile, so you’ll know who you have submitted it to, if they’ve viewed the candidate, and what feedback they have provided.

The email that is sent to your client includes a link to a page where they can view the candidate resume and provide feedback about the candidate. The feedback is logged in the “Client Reviews” section of the candidate record, which you can see by clicking “View Notes.”

After your client approves or declines the candidate, the candidate status can change to an approval or decline status that you preselect.

If your account was created before January 3, 2013, you will need to update your workflow to include this new trigger. The old one will be removed in February. If your account was created after January 3, 2013, the trigger is included in the default workflow.

To Begin Using It

  1. Sign into an account that has administrative privileges and navigate to the workflow editor. (Settings gear on the top right corner > Administration > Customize Workflow.)
  2. Delete the existing “Submit to client” trigger by hovering your mouse on it and then click the red “X” icon.
  3. Next, create the new trigger. Hover your cursor on the row of the status that you want the trigger to be paired with and click the green “+” icon that appears.
  4. Enter text into the description field ( for example, “Submit to client”).
  5. In the action drop down, choose, “Submit to client”.
  6. Select your required option.
  7. Choose who the email is sent from and whether you want to include the user’s signature or not.
  8. In the subject and body you can edit the text to whatever you’d like. It is prefilled with standard text that you don’t need to edit if you don’t want to. You can use the tags listed on the right side by dragging them into the location you want them.
  9. Select the Add Trigger button.