CATS Has a New Name!

It has come time to change our name. As one of our customer testimonials puts it:

CATS is an excellent applicant tracking system with just one downside. When you tell someone about it, you have to state very firmly, “It has nothing to do with cats. There are no cats involved. It’s a very professional product, no furry animals of any sort! Why are you looking at me so funny?” Please advise.

All those funny looks were getting to us, too. The tension reached its breaking point when our boss burst into the office in dismay over the funny looks he had received at the country club. We were corralled in the conference room until a solution could be found.


SPLATS – design concept

Someone suggested the name BATS, but it was a blind alley. We tossed around HATS, but it didn’t fit. Nobody knew what Stuart was talking about when he suggested STOATS.

One idea made it pretty far down the pipeline, but SPLATS was rejected when we saw the initial logo design. GREATS was well-received. Unfortunately no one could conceive of any words to fill out the acronym.

All for the best! Were it not for these failures, we might never have discovered the name that fills our hearts with joy. Our new moniker speaks volumes about our mission as a company. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, conjuring up the image of a cute, whiskered, pink-nosed lovable hug-magnet. You’ll want to pet it and take it home, and name it something uber-cute like Mr. Fuzzypants.

And if for any reason our software causes you trouble, the name works great as an expletive!

Drum Roll, Please…

Our awesome new logo

CATS is now the RATS aprilicant tracking system! We always strive to help our customers succeed in the rat race, and now our name proves it.

You may smell a rat. Though we wouldn’t recommend it.