Help Translate CATS To Your Language

We love our international customers, and we want to ensure CATS is easy to use in all locales. That’s why today we’re releasing a new language translation tool.

This tool allows the community of CATS users to contribute to the translation of CATS. Users can add translations for any untranslated text in CATS. Additionally, users can add alternative translations and vote on which options are most accurate. When multiple translations exist for a string in CATS, the one with the most votes is active.

In order to make it as secure as possible, the tool currently only allows users to translate the strings that appear within CATS and not those that are on the career portal. This way, another user from a different site doesn’t have the power to affect the language across all company portals utilizing a particular language.

Currently there are translations for Arabic, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. If you would like to start a new translation, please contact CATS support.

Getting Started

If you’re currently using the Custom language option and want your strings copied to the official language list please contact us via the options listed online. Otherwise, you can select one of the language options already in the app by going to:

Settings > My Profile or Settings > Administration > Localization.