Ten Extinct Jobs

Jobs are always in a state of change. New technologies come along and replace what was once a manned job. Let’s take a peek at ten jobs that no longer exist.

Ice cutter

We have four ice cutting positions we’re looking to fill. The ice cutter is not a job for the faint of heart. Often working in extreme conditions, you’ll be cutting ice chunks from the lake for delivery into town. The ice is used in the ice boxes and cellars of the townspeople.

A qualified candidate must be:

  • able to operate a handsaw
  • able to lift at least 100 lbs
  • willing to work in freezing conditions
  • team oriented
  • observant

Please apply below or visit our shop on 5th and Mainstreet.

Switchboard operator

We are seeking a new candidate for a switchboard operator position. Connect callers to their destination by connecting a cord to the proper circuit. A switchboard operator is in complete control of the call and can hear the conversation between the caller and receiver.


  • Must have strong communication skills.
  • Must be able to work in high stress
  • Be able to keep private information private
  • Have a polite and positive attitude

On the job training will be provided.

Human Alarm Clock

We’re looking for someone to wake us up for work Monday through Friday at 6 a.m. We live on the second floor of our apartment with a street facing window on the East side of town. A few taps on the window with a stick should do the trick.

Send us a letter to the address below or give us a visit any day after 6 p.m.

Peter Douglas

Rag & Bone Man

I need a rag and bone man for my merchant booth. Your job duties will be to collect the scraps from homes in the community. These include unused bones, clothing and other materials for my operation.


We’re looking for someone to set the pins at our bowling alley. As a pinsetter, you will be in charge of setting two lanes. Shifts are on for an hour, off for 10 minutes and repeat.

On the job training will be provided but familiarity with the game of bowling is a plus.


The town of Middleton is seeking a lamplighter. Your primary responsibility will be to light the lamps each night at sundown. Other responsibilities include extinguishing the lights upon sunup, refilling the fuel and cleaning the lights.

The candidate should:

  • Exemplify punctuality
  • Be able to climb ladders


The typesetter role composes the movable type letter castings for each page by hand. You will take a cast letter for each written letter and bind them together to make the forme. The printer then takes the forme, applies ink and impresses the text onto the paper.


The workers of Watch Factory 42 are seeking a lector for Wednesdays and Fridays.

The lector sits atop a raised stool and entertains the assembly workers by reading news articles, newsletters, stories and other printed material.

The perfect candidate has:

  • A knack for public speaking
  • An entertaining voice and personality
  • A literacy rate of at least 10th grade
  • An outgoing personality

Pay: The assembly workers pool a part of their wages together to pay the lector. You will be paid hourly.

If you feel you’re a fit for the job, head on over to Watch Factory 42 and ask for Ginny.

Elevator operator

Do you enjoy satisfying the customer? Are you okay with going through the ups and downs in life? Perhaps you should consider a career as an elevator operator!

Job duties include:

  • Man the elevator controls
  • help riders get to the floors or offices they’re seeking and
  • hold the door for those about to enter.

On the job training is provided.


Are you a night person? Want to play an important role in moving science to the next step in understanding the human body?

Our university is (not) looking for a resurrectionist to exhume bodies for educational and medicinal purposes. The job requires working masked by the dark of night and avoiding detection.

The position isn’t illegal; however, If you’re caught we cannot take responsibility for your actions. This is an under-the-table position for those that know the reward is worth the risk. You must be able to lift at least 100 pounds (45.36 kilograms).