CATS API v3 Enters Open Beta

Whether you want to extract data for custom reports or build a custom integration with a third-party service, our API is a great place to start. Today we’re happy to announce that our new CATS API v3 is now ready for open beta.

We’ve provided the API since 2006. Over time, standard practices and design principles have changed, and v3 of our API is a major upgrade in terms of usability, consistency and conforming to standard practices. In the new API, endpoints are normalized and follow REST conventions with predictable access to resources. All requests are forced to HTTPS, and JSON data is returned. For greater flexibility, multiple API keys can be generated with unique names, to help track how data is entering the system. We welcome your feedback.

Getting started

To get started, head on over to our API documentation page. Please note that keys for v2 of the API will not work for v3. To generate a v3 key, visit Settings > Administration > API Keys.