5 Tricks You Can Use in CATS

Just as newer cars have radio controls right in the steering wheel, CATS has simple yet clever features designed to make your life easier. However, it’s up to the user to take advantage of these features. So grab some coffee and sit back as we reveal our tips and tricks. If you already use these features, give yourself a pat on the back. Here are the five things you can do right now to start increasing your productivity with CATS.

Edit your docs using our Google Drive integration

Have a Google Drive account? If you need to make changes to a document, such as a resume, you can do so within CATS. As long as the file is editable (.xdoc, .doc, .odt, .html, .rtf) by Google Drive, all you have to do is click on the “Google Drive” link on the right side of the file. Once you give CATS permissions to access Google Drive, you can then edit the document. After finishing your edits, save it back to CATS, and your document is now updated. It’s really that simple. Read more about our Google Drive integration here.

Automate customized emails

Typing out generic emails can feel like a waste of time. With CATS, you can send out automated emails to clients, candidates, hiring managers, and other users by adding a trigger to a status in the workflow. Once you setup your email templates, you will no longer have to manually send out emails to whoever you are trying to contact. You can also use “Tags” such as “Candidate – First Name” so CATS will make the change accordingly.

Enable Slack chat notifications

Whether it’s a message from chat or email, notifications can help you know what’s going on without logging into the system. With our Slack integration, you’ll receive notifications whenever a status change occurs within CATS, even when you’re not logged into CATS. Downloading the Slack smartphone app will keep you in the loop even when you’re on the go. Slack is a freemium team communication tool that integrates with many other programs.

Refine your keywords with Boolean searches

Boolean searching uses the functions of Boolean algebra to deliver the most relevant results. This means you are able to get search results you actually want by adding common terms. So next time you’re searching for something, keep in mind some of these basic Boolean words.

“Quotation marks” allow you to search as a phrase, exactly how you typed them. “And,” “Or,” and “And Not” are words that can really help you pull out the variations when searching for keywords on a resume. For example, if you are looking for a developer who has experience in both Ajax AND Java. Another application would be to find synonyms or abbreviations, such as marketing NOT sales to find a marketing candidate. So next time you’re searching for something, keep in mind some of these basic Boolean words. You can find more information, as well as slightly more advanced Boolean searches in an older blog post here.

Chrome extension/Firefox add-on

The Chrome Extension and Firefox Add-on automates resume parsing of candidate information from popular websites such as LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and CareerBuilder. It will save you plenty of time so you won’t have to manually enter a candidate’s information. Once you install the browser extension and are viewing a potential candidate’s profile, a “green plus sign” will appear on the extension icon. This means you can parse the information off the profile, create a resume for that candidate, and add the candidate into CATS. You can download the extension/add-on here.