Feature Update: Improved Form Customization

We are constantly working to improve CATS in order to create a more user friendly experience for our customers. Based on your feedback, we have improved the form customization capabilities making it easier to organize and edit fields within CATS.

Where We Improved

Ability to hide, reorder, and require fields directly within a profile, requiring you to go into Settings for all other form/field customization.

Hide, reorder, require, add, edit and delete fields directly within a profile AND create custom groups to organize your fields.

Navigating the Improvements

Unlock forms to edit
To edit custom fields and form layout within a profile, click the “padlock” icon located on the right side of the profile. Clicking the “padlock” icon unlocks the page allowing you to edit fields, create groups or reset the profile view to default. When you are done customizing what you need, click the lock button again to lock the page.

Note: The padlock will only appear for users with the access level of Site Administrator 

Add/edit/delete custom fields from within a profile
Add custom fields from within a profile by clicking the green plus sign that appears in the bottom right of a group (see below). Simply hover over a custom field to require, hide, edit delete and move that field with ease.

Creating form groups
Groups are simply sections of a form where you can categorize and organize fields with ease. After unlocking the form, simply click the “Add Group” folder, type in the group name and click “Add Group.”

After you have created a new group, you can move and drag fields into that section or simply create a new field. If you want to delete a group, you must first remove or delete all fields located within that group. Then, hover over the group name and click the “X” that appears to the right of the name.