Taking the Headache Out of Holiday Hiring

From Thanksgiving through the New Year, it seems that schedules, predictability and normal work flow go out the window. With holidays, vacation days, sick days and a host of other demands delaying everyday work, the thought of trying to recruit and hire new employees may seem impossible, and the task may get left until January. However, there are several good reasons to actively recruit and hire during this time of year:

    1. Top-performing employees may finally have a chance to look for a new job. Many employers have a “use it or lose it” policy when it comes to vacation time or PTO. For hard-working employees who don’t take off much time during the year, or whose PTO banks may cap off at the end of the year, taking time away from the office during the holidays may be the first time they have to look for another position. Ensuring your open positions are listed and accurate is essential for attracting top candidates, and it may be easier to connect with them for initial phone conversations and interviews when they aren’t focused on their usual work.

      Fortunately, using a customizable applicant tracking system (ATS) can alleviate much of the “hands on” work and organization that many hiring managers dread when entering the holidays. For instance, instead of manually organizing applicant information as it comes in and notifying each candidate that their application has been received, an ATS can automate the process, and even sort applicants into categories determined by the hiring manager.

    2. New hires can be part of a new budget cycle. If you’re hesitant about adding a mid-year salary to a team, planning for it in a new calendar and fiscal year means you need to start the recruiting process as early as October. Fortunately, position postings can be prepared well in advance and can be easily posted or taken down with the click of a button.

    3. Networking may uncover unexpected qualified candidates. Social holiday gatherings and office parties provide more opportunities to meet potential candidates for open positions. Having those positions posted and linked to your website via an ATS gives current employees and hiring managers a consistent place to direct potential candidates . It is also important to have a general registration section available so that individuals interested in working for the company can still submit resumes for consideration, should future positions become available.

Holiday schedules and other end-of-year demands can make hiring seem like a long, burdensome process this time of year if you’re unprepared. All it takes is a bit of planning and an ATS to ensure you are prepared for the next year and don’t miss out on any potential superstar employees.