Feature Update: Calendar Participants and Invitations

You can now create and send calendar invites within CATS, making it easier to schedule and organize your events. Participants can only be invited to an event if they are a user, candidate or contact within CATS.

Calendar and Invitation Walk-Through

1. To add participants to calendar events, click on the calendar icon located at the top right corner of the page.

2. To create a new event, click “Add Event” on the left side of the page.

3. In the event window, fill out the applicable fields and add any event participants. To add participants, begin typing the name(s) you want to add in the “Participants” box and select the appropriate candidate/contact/user.

4. After you’ve added any participants to the event, you have the option to send an event notification or notify the participants of any changes that were made. The default setting (displayed below) for the calendar does NOT automatically send notifications. If you would like to send notifications to any participants, click the bell icon (removing the slash on the bell). When finished making adjustments, click “Add Event”.

To change your calendar default settings, click the settings gear located on the right side of the CATS calendar page.

Scheduling events via workflow triggers or scorecards have also been updated to take advantage of these new features.