CATS Software is now EU-US Privacy Shield-Certified

As part of our continuous efforts to be the most user-friendly applicant tracking software for recruiters around the globe, we are proud to announce that CATS Software is now EU-US Privacy Shield-Certified via self-certification.

“CATS is more than happy to go the extra mile when it comes to our customers and their data,” said Product Manager Tony Sternberg. “By becoming self-certified [and compliant with Privacy Shield policies], CATS is one step closer to becoming the best software solution for recruiters everywhere.”

What is the EU-US Privacy Shield?

In 2015, the European Union and United States set out to design a framework in which both parties comply with the same data protection policies. Under this new policy, which replaces the International Safe Harbor Privacy Principles, US-based companies agree to comply with EU laws pertaining to data management and collection when working with EU-based clients and businesses. These laws ensure the protection of private data and free and timely resolution for complaints regarding Privacy Shield compliance.