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As online giants move into the brick-and-mortar space, traditional retailers have difficulty competing on price or convenience. The singular advantage in their arsenal is stellar customer service, and that makes recruitment paramount for retailers, both year-round and seasonally. While other industries find it challenging to find candidates, the retail space has an overabundance of them; the challenge is finding the motivated and committed individuals that reduce turnover.

Customer Success Story

Scandinavian Designs Furniture Retailer
Petaluma, CA

Scandinavian Designs is rapidly expanding. In order to keep up with a high demand of new employees, they've chosen CATS as their ATS. Lynne finds CATS to be efficient, seamlessly connecting her team in many different stores across the country.

You have exactly what you need exactly where you need it without anything that’s going to confuse or muddy what you’re trying to get done.

Lynne Bender, Scandinavian Designs

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