Our Product Roadmap

Recruitment Automation drives everything we do at CATS. Our mission is to provide you with dynamic tools that streamline your recruiting workflow, empowering you to work at your highest potential. Take a look at what we have in development.

  • Phone Number Standardization Completed

    By standardizing how phone numbers are stored and displayed across all parts of CATS, we’re paving the way for new automation features such as click-to-call and SMS capability.

    Update: Phone Number Standardization is now live in CATS. Phone numbers previously in the system have automatically been parsed and assigned the proper country code. This enables us to bring you SMS and click-to-call features in CATS.

  • GDPR Compliance Completed

    We will be adding features that will allow clients to ask EU candidates and contacts for consent to store their data. We will also be updating our terms of service to include statements regarding our role in the GDPR.

    Update: Our GDPR compliance feature is now live, enabling you to easily request and track consent to store candidates’ data. Instructions on sending data consent requests in CATS can be found here.

  • SMS Capabilities Completed

    Communicating with candidates will be easier and faster with SMS capabilities in CATS. Users will be able to send and receive text messages from within the app, in an easy-to-use chat interface.

    Update: SMS texting is now live! Premium users (in the U.S. & Canada) can enable SMS in Settings, choose a personalized texting phone number, and text candidates and contacts in CATS. For more info, check out our blog and the Help Center.

  • Meeting Scheduler Completed

    With our new scheduling feature, you will be able to generate a link through which candidates can pick a time for a call or meeting. This feature links to your calendar integration, making sure that candidates don’t pick times that you are unavailable. Additionally, you can set “office hours” so that candidates don’t request meetings at midnight. Once scheduled, the meeting will be added to your calendar.

    Update: The meeting scheduler is officially live! Users on a Pro or Premium plan can now schedule meetings in a snap with their custom meeting link. Read more about scheduling meetings on our blog, or get started by visiting the Help Center.

  • Browser Extension Update

    The new browser extension will be up to 10x faster than its predecessor, with a fresh new user interface. You will be able to extract even more data for candidate profiles, including work and education history. Connecting the extension to your CATS account will be as simple as a click with OAuth login.

  • Career Portal Revamp

    We’re redesigning the career portal to be super fast and totally modern, with new templates and greater customizability for you. It will be responsive from the ground up, seamlessly transitioning from mobile to desktop and vice versa. We will natively support Google Jobs. Career portals will be hosted independently from CATS, meaning your ATS and your portal will be faster and more secure.

  • Intelligent Job and Candidate Matching

    CATS will automatically parse your job orders as they’re created, identifying keywords and phrases and searching your database for matching candidates. A list of relevant candidates at your fingertips without a single keystroke? That’s Recruitment Automation.

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Disclaimer: This roadmap is a projection of future milestones for CATS Software. As is the case with all software development, priorities and processes are subject to change. Though we will do our best to keep our roadmap up-to-date, features and updates, both mentioned and unmentioned, may be released, delayed, or omitted at any time. The roadmap shown above is intended for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, obligation, or promise regarding the features described.

Last updated: July 2018