Our Product Roadmap

Recruitment Automation drives everything we do here at CATS. Our mission is to provide you with dynamic tools that streamline your recruiting workflow, empowering you to perform at your highest potential. Take a look at what we have in development.

  • Advanced User Access Levels

    User access levels will be far more customizable, allowing admins to set more specific permissions for users.

  • Enhanced Reporting

    Guided by customer feedback, reporting in CATS will get commonly-requested improvements. Stay tuned for more!

  • CATS 5.0 Open Beta Completed

    The newest version CATS is now live for all users, featuring a brand-new, productivity focused user interface. Read the press release.

  • Referral Program Completed

    The new CATS Referral Program will help us reward users for referring friends and colleagues to CATS. If someone you refer decides to upgrade, you get $100 in CATS credit. Learn more.

  • Data Enrichment Completed

    With data enrichment, creating candidate, company, and contact records is a breeze. All you have to do is enter a domain or an email address, and CATS will fill in the record with relevant data from sources across the web.

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Disclaimer: This roadmap is a projection of future milestones for CATS Software. As is the case with all software development, priorities and processes are subject to change. Though we will do our best to keep our roadmap up-to-date, features and updates, both mentioned and unmentioned, may be released, delayed, or omitted at any time. The roadmap shown above is intended for informational purposes only and is not a commitment, obligation, or promise regarding the features described.

Last updated: April 2019