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Testimonials, straight from our customers.

Power Wellness uses CATS to manage the hiring for eighteen fitness and wellness centers worldwide.

"CATS allows me to check on our candidate applications whenever I want, wherever I want and that's exactly what we needed. It really has sped up the hiring process for us."

Michelle Rhind, Recruiter, Power Wellness

Barriques uses CATS to simplify hiring for their chain of cafes.

"It's a complete night and day difference from what we were doing before. For the money, you just can't beat it."

Matt Weygandt, Co-owner, Barriques

CATS is an end-to-end hiring solution for Tesserae Talent Strategies.

"Nothing has ever been as seamless for me or as easy to maintain. I don't have downtime — it's a thing of the past for me. I can access anything I need from anywhere I am. A dependable, web-based application that can work as a line-of-business application for me."

Tom Motzel, Talent Broker, Tesserae Talent Strategies

Case studies.

Conservation Corps of MN and IA Download the case study

The Conservation Corps of MN and IA faces the unique challenge of hiring over 330 individuals for 14 positions every year. They accomplish this in a few short months with the help of CATS.

THINK Together Download the case study

THINK Together has been growing exponentially since teaming up with CATS in 2007. Download the study to see how this partnership has helped THINK Together come to serve over 75,000 K-12 students across California.

More testimonials.

We love our customers. Here are some of the things they have to say about us.

"I’ve been using CATS for years. I liked it from the beginning and it’s just getting better." Tom Rollert, VP, Flying J Inc.
"Love the CATS system. Easy to use, fully integrable and very reasonable. They are constantly improving the system and the automated functions are terrific! I highly recommend!" Robert G. Wilcox, CB & Associates
"Our experience with CATS has been extremely positive. More specifically their customer support is excellent. Every time we have needed a quick answer, their online chat support has been there ready to help." Nathan Strum, President, TelAssistant
"I’ve been in the industry for over 25 years and CATS is by far the best system I’ve used." Brian Dziwulski, Sr. Account Executive, MARS IT Corp
"Best ATS I’ve used and I’ve been using tracking systems for 11 years! Thank you guys, you make my job easier!" Megan Johnson
"I love CATS. It is easy to use and the team is always making it better. I have been using applicant tracking systems for over 10 years and this is the best. Thanks CATS!" Irene Soltis, AP Recruiters & Associates
"I have been using CATS for past 5 years and I love it." Shravan Bhoomireddy, Techwave Consulting
"I get a huge bang for my buck from CATS. It's the best applicant tracking system I have ever used and a fraction of the cost." Tiffany Felicienne, Director of Recruiting, ConnecTV
"What I really love about the CATS system is how it integrates seamlessly with social media and other job posting applications. Highly recommended for their efficient response to queries and excellent tutorials." Ashley Swanepoel, Managing Director, Talent Desk
"CATS is almost like hiring an Administrative Assistant. This ATS/CRM is very complex, but the user interface is very simple. The best part is the customer service is quick and responsive if I ever need them, which is very rare." John Riley, VP, Director of Sales and Recruiting, Corporate Capacity, Inc.