Ten Things Recruiters Should Tell Candidates

As I blogged about previously, recruiting and hiring have become even harder during the current economic climate. Faced with an ever-growing list of clients and positions to match, recruiters are relying even more on first impressions and marketability of candidates. This led a writer from the CAREEREALISM blog to post an article titled “10 Things Recruiters Won’t Tell You (But I Will).”

The offenses on the list include using poor grammar and inappropriate language, weak eye contact, and a lack of confidence.

Do you think these mistakes are common? It would certainly be uncomfortable to tell even a close friend any of the things mentioned on the list. But when it comes to professional settings, ignorance is not bliss. Any good candidate would want to know if they were doing something off-putting to an interviewer. Initially it would be embarrassing, but continually getting shunned by recruiters and employers would be more so. Or not.

Do the recruiter readers out there have any insight?

(Thanks to RecruitingBlogs.com for the lead)