4 Awesome Facebook Apps For Recruiters and Employers

Meeting your candidates where they are is the biggest part of social recruiting these days. Syndicating your jobs to IndeedSimplyHired etc., is great, but more and more job seekers are straying away from the traditional job boards and looking to social media sites to find jobs and learn about companies they may want to work for. Here are four great Facebook Apps that will help you get more exposure for your jobs, and more importantly, you and your company!

Work for Us

With over 76,000 users this is the most used job posting app for Facebook. It will integrate with any applicant tracking system or RSS feed and has several plans to choose from. Applicants can search your jobs by location, contract type, category or keyword. It has a built in application that can feed to your ATS or email, or you can have your applicants redirected to your website to complete the application there. Work for Us even includes free Facebook ads based on your subscription amount. For those that don’t have the need for year ’round posting, there is also a free version that lets you post one job at a time, which could be great for very small companies.


This App is a little different and comes from CareerBuilder. This App is installed by current employees at your company and then scans through their friends to find possible matches for your positions. From there it’s as simple as sending a message to your friends. The App alerts the user to possible matches in their network and then all you have to do is send them a message with a link to the job. Work@ currently has over 35,000 users and is totally free.

“With the Work@ app for Facebook, companies can leverage their employee’s Facebook friends and turn them into possible job candidates. Think of it as a socially amplified version of an employee referral program”

My LinkedIn Profile

When I first landed on this App’s page, I saw a lot of comments from people who seemed to be having a hard time getting it to work. There are pretty simple instructions on their page that did the trick for me. If you have any experience adding an App to your page you’ll get it. An important thing to note is that this App is for Pages only, not for profiles. I would like it a lot more if I had the ability to use my LinkedIn group, instead of our company page. The idea is good though, especially for independent recruiters. Start moving your friends and other connections on Facebook over to LinkedIn and grow your talent community. With over 17,000 users, they’ve got to be doing something right!


I have seen several of our customers using this App. It seems to be the best free job posting App and has a very active community. JobCast.net will take a feed from your ATS and stream it to your Facebook profile or page. CATS has the ability to post jobs directly to your Facebook page or profile, but it always shows up on your wall. Some of our customers have tried apps like Notes and others that take an RSS feed but since it was not named anything like “Jobs” people were not likely to click on it. It couldn’t be more straightforward and clear with JobCast.net App.

Which Job App do you use on Facebook? How many applications are you receiving? Which Apps would you add to this list?