New CATS intergrations

We have greatly expanded CATS by integrating with multiple third-party services. Each integration accomplishes different purposes and can be enabled in your account, today. Integrations allow you to seamlessly send data between CATS and other web-based services. Read the descriptions below to see what you can do!

BambooHR is an HR management tool that tracks everything from the basics (name, address, phone, emergency contact, email address) to training, certifications and licenses, benefits, job specifics, salary, and more. Your employee handbook, training materials, hiring checklists and all of your other documentation is managed with BambooHR.

Berke is a new kind of assessment that measures talent, personality, and intelligence to assess the fit between your jobs and your candidates and then provide you with crystal clear, actionable information.

With the fastest and most affordable background checks in the market, Precise Hire helps companies cut costs, enhance productivity and increase earnings by making the safest and most qualified hires.

3CLogic provides inbound and outbound call solutions which integrate with software suites like CATS. Set up automatic dialing campaigns to candidates and be connected with them when they answer. If a candidate calls you, their profile will automatically load in your browser.

WebHooks enable sending notifications between APIs using HTTP POST callbacks, triggered by some action (like a status change). This feature is for developers to receive callback data from CATS.

Any account administrator can access the integrations page with these steps: click on the settings gear in the top right corner of CATS, select Administration, select Integrations.