Feature Update: Expansion of Email Tags

Prior to this update there were a limited number of tags when emailing through the primary email page in CATS. Now, you can add tags for all fields, including custom, making it easier to personalize and send individual or mass emails. Tags can be added to the subject line or email body.

Email Tags Walk-Through

1. Go to “Activities” then select “Send Email” on the left side of the page.

2. Optionally set the “Regarding” to the proper job title/ID number you’re emailing about. If you’re trying to use tags that make use of jobs or companies without the “Regarding” drop-down set, CATS will prevent  you from sending the email.

3. To add tags, click “Add Tag”. This is where you will notice the expanded tag options. Tags are accessible by search or category, making it easy to find the tag you’re looking for.

4. Add the desired tags to the proper location in your email by clicking on the tag name. You can also copy a tag to your clipboard if you prefer to copy/paste the tags yourself.

5. The tags will autofill when the email is sent, as you can see in the example below.