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Construction and Engineering

A construction company’s labor force is one of their most important tools, yet a boom in demand and drop in supply make recruiting for these industries quite difficult. This difficulty exists at both the white- and blue-collar levels, as fewer workers are entering these industries. Compounding the problem is the fact that there is so much specialization of skills within the industry that even finding the right people to interview can be a challenge.

Professional recruiters in the construction & engineering space have turned to CATS to face these challenges, and take advantage of our powerful sourcing tools to help meet their needs in a demanding industry.

Customer Success Story

EmployBridge Staffing agency
Raleigh, NC

Jennifer and her team of 30 recruiters leverage the power of CATS to stay organized, efficient, and agile. CATS helps them rapidly identify and connect with quality candidates. After all, in the words of Jennifer, "Time kills all deals."

It's our responsibility to identify candidates who are qualified for our clients quickly and efficiently, and CATS gives us that opportunity.

Jennifer Hill, EmployBridge

Customer Success Story

Master Technology Group Installation company
Eden Prairie, MN

Julie Starkey is the HR Manager at Master Technology Group (MTG), a low voltage installation company based out of Eden Prairie. Julie is responsible for the hiring, firing, discipline, and well-being of over eighty employees. Her responsibilities keep her thoroughly busy, and CATS Software keeps her organized and focused, greatly improving her’s and MTG’s everyday efficiency.

Everything is all-in-one in the CATS system. When I have an open position, I can create it very easily, very quickly in CATS, and with one click of the button it sends it to every job board that I use.

Julie Starky, Master Technology Group

I didn’t know how much extra work I was doing until we had CATS. We’ve gone almost completely paperless and applicant tracking is a breeze – I highly recommend it!

Gabby Frank, Gary Merlino Construction Company

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