Hosted Career Portal

Host your career portal within CATS

Improve your candidate experience with a modern, mobile-friendly career portal

Swiftly parse candidate information

The portal makes it easy for candidates to complete an application by enabling them to choose a resume on their computer or upload from an online source, such as LinkedIn, Dropbox or Google Drive.

Create tailored applications

Each application can be customized with specific questions—either multiple choice, fill in the blank or short answer—to help you collect the information necessary to find the ideal candidate. In addition, the portal ensures that job postings will be visible on Google for Jobs.

Mobile-friendly portal

Templates are mobile-friendly, which enables candidates to find and apply to jobs using any device.

We have unique needs for every position, so I can make applications that request any info that I could need, and report on it. We’ve been able to tailor it to fit our exact needs.